March 8: demonstration against GPA and PMA for all before the Assembly

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Activists of the « Manif pour tous » took advantage of the « symbol » of International Women’s Rights Day to organize a « happening » in front of the National Assembly on Sunday. A hundred young girls have pushed shopping carts filled with plastic babies there.

A hundred activists of the « Manif pour tous », opposed to the opening of the PMA to all women and to the GPA gathered Sunday before the National Assembly in Paris for a « happening », on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day.

Shopping carts filled with plastic babies

« Women are neither for sale nor for rent, not for an hour, not for nine months, » launched one of the leaders of the movement « La Manif pour Tous », Ludovine de la Rochère. A column of a hundred young girls, dressed in black with cockade and Phrygian cap of Marianne, pushed caddies filled with plastic babies and counterfeit banknotes to the rhythm, noted an AFP journalist. « Stop the business of procreation », could be read on these posts.

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